Paper Garden Stickers

The fine folks at Paper Garden Records recently emailed me about making some stickers of a logo I drew for them to take down for SXSW.  I thought it’d be fun to show you the process, which was handed down to me by Pearl, my sister. Anyhow, this is just a cheap way and ghetto way to make some stickers. 
Below is sort of the finished product.  
First, print out your image and get some color copies made at Staples.  Color copying the images gives it an extra hue and thickness for some reason. Then you cut them out with about an 1 and half of paper around the edges, or more. 

Here’s the hard part.  Acquire some samples of tape from an adhesive place.  They usually give you 10 yards, which isn’t much.
Another added touch to the stickers . . . I used a stamper and light board to stamp Paper Garden Records on the backs of the color copies.  This will show up inside the stickers when the stickers are peeled . . . 
Now you’re ready to layout your cut out color copies with the stamped backings onto the adhesive roll. Place them with the image side up.
Finally, tape over the stickers with packaging tape. This will act as the slick top and protector from water and etc. Also gives the sticker more of a thickness. 
Get your baby scissors and cut around the sticker. 
Cut, cut, cut
Rubber banded and ready to go. . . .
Have fun.

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