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How to make a shitty sticker

February 19, 2011
The folks at Paper Garden Records recently asked me to make some stickers out of a logo I drew for them, so I thought it might be entertaining to show you how I made them.  First, I gotta tell you the backstory.  Back in 1990, Pearl (my sister) was making some sticker self promotion vandalism art or something.  


Get off my back, One Eyed dude.

February 19, 2011

On an unlikely friendship between the Unitaur and the young Cyclops

Sumi Ink on watercolor paper.


February 16, 2011
Eat Your Art Out is an annual fundraiser for the Angel City Derby Girls, LA’s Flat track Roller Derby League. Curated by Jane Dope and held at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood , Ca.
The theme of the show is the cryptic origins of nursery rhymes. .  . so I did some research and read around . . .Finally I decided to sketch up something I read about Humpty Dumpty.  I incorporated the slang use of the term as well as the theories that Humpty Dumpty was a canon and/or a seige machine used in 1648. 

On the topic of irresponsibly straddling the cannon during the siege of 1648 (Humpty Dumpty)

Hi Fructose blog

February 15, 2011
Last week I got a couple emails about this awesome write-up introduction on Hi Fructose! Click the image to see the page man.

Art, Friends, and Bitchcraft

February 12, 2011
Pearl and friends at ARTLA

Rachel by Pearl’s piece, Archaic Revival @ LCP

Jeremy and Tiger @ Bitchcraft 

Couples Hustling

Arms out – Mel Kadel show at Merry Karnowsky

In the Nursery @ Corey Helford
Mike Stilkey, Shark Toof, Ken Garduno, me. 

THESE FRIENDS 2 @ This Gallery – Bill McRight

 Chivan, Tammy, Hovin
StreetBuddy @ Echo Park Bike shop closing
Matt hurling

Ink on wood. fuck it never tried that before.
Sean listening to queefs at THIS gallery. 
The one and only Travis Millard @ Mel’s opening.

Travis Millard – molding!

Doobert Life is Here

February 12, 2011
So I’ve been working with Trineo (Madrid, Spain) on a zine of my drawings.  I finished it a while back and then it went into production.  It’s 28 pages of drawings – from mermen to hairy men.  There’s only 150 copies online here, and the other 50 are coming my way. I’ll be signing and numbering those muthafuckers.  Cheerio. 

Fight to the Death

February 2, 2011
For the upcoming Valentine’s Day Sale via  Bitchcraft Trading Post, Pearl and I decided to combine our efforts into making a collaborative print!!  We decided to call this collaboration Fight To the Death, a term taken from a comment my dad used when Pearl and I would fight as kids.  A strange and funny comment indeed.
We started out with some sketches and sumi ink brush strokes.  Kinda of like a scribble drawing game.  Here’s the original:

We burned our screen and bought some paper we wanted to print on.   Pearl also hand decorated the backgrounds – spray paints, stencils, and patterning. . . including making a mask for the image.   We headed to Jordan’s studio in downtown for his expertise.

Here’s a darkish purple.  Pearl only made about 15 hand decorated backgrounds, but there are some one color prints too.

We also decided to make some hot pinks. . . 
Our buddy Jordan, an artist and designer himself, was such a great help.  Here’s his 1/15 print from our series!

Finally, we did some drop cards with our information on this symbol Pearl made for our Fight to the Death collaboration.  We stamped them and put them in with each print!!!
Oh yeah, best part of Jordan’s studio space? It’s got beer on tap!


February 2, 2011