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On a cause which contributed to the expulsion of the Lithuanian bear

January 25, 2011


January 22, 2011
Some friends organized a fun craft and clothing and art sale for Valentine’s Day.  I’ll have some stuff available for sale!

GR2 Show: Year of the Rabbit

January 19, 2011

Chinese New Year is rolling up on February 4th . . . so get ready for GiantRobot’s Year of the Rabbit Show / Lunar New Year 4709 Exhibition.  I think I’ll have 2 pieces ready for this rabbit-themed show.

Rubble Rubble

January 19, 2011
A drawing I was working on yesterday, inspired by the cheeseburger earring.
Drawing out the hawk-bird man
I found a deck of cards from Prague that I bought in 98.  It was created by medical students.  The game is played like UNO.
I got myself a money tree in hopes I make more money this new year!

My ivoteforeart interview

January 18, 2011
Besides me getting my own age wrong, this interview is pretty accurate.  Read the entire interview here.

My messy life

January 14, 2011

I’m pretty stoked to be included in THIS gallery’s THESE Friends 2 show!!  Last time the art was rad, and the place was packed.  I barely could even get in and was totally frightened to take photos.

I’m trying to take some photos of some of the sticker packages I’ve been sending out.  Here’s one I sent to Jason H.  “Nothing is more relaxin” than taking a dump.

This person has no legs.

Rachel and I getting a package ready for David and Pacoli in SF.  They sent us the most amazing package last time, so we wanted to really give them some cool stuff.

I found a little frame and drew up this piece for them.

Something I drew for Mike the Muse’s package. . . it came from the depths of my foggy mind. haha.

My spice rack converted to a zine rack!

My dad – that should put everything into perspective.

Members of my family holding weapons.

I almost bought these two shitty mounted battle axes in Chinatown.

Pee pee spill 🙂

When battery operated heliocopters go crazy. . . new year’s day drinking gone bad.

Tattoo of a drawing – sent in by Jared

January 13, 2011

More art shats

January 6, 2011