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August 31, 2010

The much anticipated movie by One Way Another tour buddy Corey Adams’ Machotaildrop premieres tonight at the Downtown Independent theater!!  I do believe you purchase your tickets there, but get there fast because I think seating will be limited.  Then we will probably have some drinks somewhere and then more and then more.


No Naked Faces

August 27, 2010

An upcoming 3-person show at the Giant Robot store in San Francisco titled “No New Faces,” featuring Moto Nakaba, Sean Boyles, and Michael Hsiung.  I’m super excited about this show and have about 11 pieces and hopefully some prints there.  Also, we’ll be driving up to catch the 10th Anniversary Fecalface show as well as the Giant Robot show!!! whoo-hoo.

Henry Clay Tattoo

August 25, 2010
I recently got an email from Joey of the Henry Clay People that he decided to get a tattoo of the kangaroo boxer I drew for their 7 inch.  He sent me some awesome photos and I’m super excited to see it sometime!  Enjoy!

Sockittome Socks

August 20, 2010

 A while back I designed a sock for the Portland-based company, which was a lot of fun and an interesting process.  We worked off a detailed drawing of mine which was translated into this funny character pattern.  Though some detail is just not possible, I’m still happy how they came out!  They’ll be out and available in stores soon.  Cheers and check out their site.

Another One Way or Another Day VII (PART II)

August 19, 2010

Another set of photos while we were in Austin, TX for the show at No Comply skateshop.  Good thing I’m a stereotypical Asian person who takes lots and lots of pictures.  Thanks to John and Fecalface for posting them up!

14 Shitty Stickers Pack

August 18, 2010
I’m too poor to afford to make some legitimate stickers, so I’ve always made my own the ghetto way: computer ink, sticker paper, and packaging tape.  It took me a while to cut out and make this packet, but I hope to make more as soon as I buy more f*(#king ink!  Just thought it’d be fun to make and sell for a few bucks to help pay for the ink, sticker, and bag. All stickers were cut with the nimble Asian hands of the artist. 

First Tattoo

August 18, 2010

It might have been about a year and half ago when I met Jordan Fu who had worked at Giant Robot in West Los Angeles.  There was a show where the staff was able to like nominate or choose an artist.  And there it was, she got me into my first group show at Giant Robot! It was awesome.  She eventually moved to Chicago for school and recently emailed me about getting her first tattoo.  It was between this fellow and another drawing (I can’t remember at the moment since I’m still waking up).  Anyhow, she just sent me this picture of her tattoo – it’s red and stuff but it still looks awesome!

10/10 Editions of Ten: A Print Show

August 17, 2010

An upcoming show I will be participating in called 10/10 Editions of Ten: A Print Show.  It’ll be at the Corduroy Boutique and Gallery on September 3, 2010.  I just mailed off my set of signed, numbered editions of 10 (Deerman) as well as a black ink edition of 10.  These will be the only signed prints of this series!

The Trip That Never Ends. . .

August 16, 2010

Some more pictures and so forth from the One Way Or Another Tour presented by Color Magazine.  I have one more set of photos and that’s all folks.

Random Drawings

August 11, 2010